Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Why Use SEO?

What is SEO or Search Engine Optimization all About?

If you own or manage a website you should know the benefits and best practices of SEO or search engine optimization. SEO is a part of the Internet marketing field and involves search ranking for web pages in non-paid, or organic, search engine results.

Keywords are the key. When people search for a product or service what words or phrases do they type in the search box? In general the keyword phrases related to that page, with the most traffic, are the ones to target. If your web page sell cars in Calcutta then the keyword phrase "Cars in Calcutta" needs to be in the title tag in that page's HTML code as well as the spiderable text or copy on that same page.

Search engine spiders (robots) generally don't "see" pictures but they do "see" alt tags for pictures and graphics. Relevant keywords can be included in those also. This gives the search engine an idea what each picture is about.

There are off-site factors that are very important for SEO including quality inbound links from other sites.

SEO is about customer traffic ,conversions and return on investment (ROI). If potential customers are unable to find your web pages then they can't purchase your product or service. The more qualified customers that see your web pages the higher your sales figures and profits.

A Few Things to Consider

Each web page on your site is a separate landing page. Use the keywords on those pages to draw in your customers. You might put your contact information on each page of your site.

Each web page needs a unique Title Tag that contains the keyword phrase related to that page.

You can't sell it if they can't find you. Your webpage must be on the first page of search results to receive sizable traffic. The higher the ranking the better!

SEO practices take time to see significant results. If you have a new URL this is especially true on Google.

Google is "Number One" and is the search engine to target with your SEO efforts.

SEO is worth the effort and money because once implemented the changes will bring lasting positive results in quality customer traffic.

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